The CNC Quick Guide

The CNC Quick Guide is a set of reference materials and teaching tools intended to help you learn to operate and program a CNC machine tool as quickly as possible. Over the past nine years of development we have experience helping thousands of people get to the point where they can operate, setup, and program machine tools.

Quick Tips for CNC

Helping operators, students, and engineers understand how machine tools work so they can make things that work.

Tool and Work Offsets

What are offsets in a machine tool ?  In the most basic sense the offsets are what the machine tool controller “knows” about the tools and the workpiece.  In a technical sense the offsets are numbers stored in specific registers in the memory of the controller.  The typical program run on a CNC machine tool contains a

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In the bottom right hand corner of your ESPRIT window, there will be two boxes that are most likely grayed out. One is labeled SUB-ELEMENTS and the other is labeled HI. Turn both of them on by clicking on them. If the text in the boxes is already black, skip this step.

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