The CNCQuickGuide is a set of reference materials and teaching tools intended to help you learn to operate and program a CNC machine tool as quickly as possible. over the past nine years of development we have experience helping thousands of people get to the point where they can operate and even setup or program machine tools.

The core material was developed while teaching engineering students to get to a point where they could use CNC machine tools to create designs that they had envisioned with about 24 hrs of self paced training in operation, setup and programming of CNC Machine tools

Custom QuickGuides

We have created several custom QuickGuides and training solutions in the past to help get in experienced machine tool operators  quickly up to speed. Use the contact us form at this web site to inquire if any you’ve ever said:

  • “Our process is kind of tricky”
  • “Management will only hire temps dammit!”
  • “As soon as we train someone they quit to take another job.”
  • “I would buy another machine tool if I could find someone to operate it.”

I wrote the first edition of this quick guide within a few weeks of beginning to teach CNC Machining to engineering students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. There are only so many times you can teach someone how to turn on the machine tool before that gets boring.
Over the past 9 years I’ve updated and added to the guide. It doesn’t replace instruction and training but it has become an invaluable tool in helping thousands of people learn CNC machining techniques, and remember how to do things they don’t do often.