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To activate the code for any of these probe cycles

  • Handle jog the probe into position (This may also be done after activating the code. There will be a diagram when you activate the code showing where the probe should be placed.)
  • Press the “Edit” button
  • Press “F1” to activate the menu
  • Scroll down to “visual quick code” and press enter
  • Scroll to “Spindle Probe 10-18” and press enter
  • Select the desired probe cycle and press enter
  • Enter the required dimensions and press enter after each dimension (there will be a diagram showing what each measurement is of)
  • In the dialog box that pops up after you enter the final dimension, scroll down to “MDI” and press enter
  • The code is now ready and you can press “Cycle Start” to start the probe cycle

Prob X Web

(need to shoot video)

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